3 days & 2 nights in the high desert
June 8/9/10, 2012
Starts Friday, June 8, 12pm
Ends Sunday, June 10, 6pm


TeleMagica 2012: GALAXIA
June 8/9/10, 2012

Galaxia is the spinning force of univeral unity.
Galaxia is the glutenous matter that holds every person, every star system,
every organic and inorganic life form in the universe.
8 white pyramids float in Galaxia.
Within these sacred Galaxian Pyramids,
TeleMagicans will fine tune their Sound & Vision,
in preparation for their final destination as Galaxian World Builders.
Through "perceptual research" and "sound & vision mapping",
these World Builders will collaborate
to intercept information from the far reaches of the Unknown,
and guide the general populous into the start of the "next civilization".
Will it be here on Earth?

To find out more about the Galaxian Experience visit the Opera 2012: Galaxia

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TeleMagica GALAXIA:  June 8/9/10, 2012   Jacumba, CA

FULL EVENT PASS online, 3 days / 2 nights:
if purchased between February 1st - March 1st: $22
if purchased between March 2nd - April 1st: $33
if purchased between April 2nd - May 1st: $44
if purchased between May 1st - June 8: $55

(go to the Jacumba store downtown)

1-DAY PASS online:
from your time of arrival till 9am the next morning

if purchased between February 1st - June 8: $20

1 day PASS at the GATE: $30
(go to the Jacumba store downtown)



Vegan food and drinks available by LiVegan.
$1off if you bring your own cups and plates (no plastic)

The Art of Food
LIVegan menu at TeleMagica GALAXIA

ITALIAN PIZZA with basil marinera, raw merinated zuccini, onion, bell peppers, mushrooms, topped with mozzarella Daiya Cheese

MEXICAN PIZZA with mashed beans, soyrizo and pico de gallo,...
topped with cheddar Daiya cheese

THE ALL AMERICAN PIZZA smothered in BBQ sauce with mapled pecans,
sauteed onions, tomato and bell peppers, topped with Jack Daiya cheese

shredded carrots, bell peppers, green onions and walnuts with your choice of dressing:
cranberry balsamic vinagrette

with green onions, seaweed and organic tofu

Coconut Water
Yerba Mate Chai Tea with organic soy milk


Jacumba Hot Springs & Resort

with mineral hot spring pools, and a restaurant.
Just 5 minutes walk from the festival grounds,
in downtown Jacumba. LIMITED ROOMS AVAILABLE.

Call to make reservations at: 619-766-4333

There will be no trash cans available on the TeleMagica Grounds,
please bring trash bags to pack your trash/recycling and take it back with you.

I took the Clean Concert pledge. CleanConcert.org 

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Download the
TeleParticipation Guidelines

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Jose Rizo : Telemagica certainly lives up to its name! Although last year was my first year, I still look back on the whole experience with awe. I can't wait til the next. go to top

Tawee Kiva, The Pharaoh's Den: Were do I begin? I don’t know how it would be possible for me to convey how incredible the feeling of freedom I have when @ Telemagica each year. Imagine, if you will, a less-rigid-in-structure, all-ages-friendly DIY legoland/ psychedelic summer camp/ dreamscape made reality - an open-ended anything-is-possible wonderland…This is Sacred Land/Dream Land - a place in which your imagination walks in the external world….Telemagica began in 2005, we made first contact with this incredible endeavour in 2007, by chance - it was one of the greatest experiences in my life, but it wasn’t until the following year that I really got acquainted with what Kirk and Noor’s true vision for this event was meant to be…to feel at one with the earth and all things of nature and space - to bring about another evolutionary leap forward - the views are breath-taking and the land itself speaks to you on the deepest possible levels, an amazing variety of extremely creative and increasingly diverse music, meditation, dance, art, ritual, feeling, family - there is always plenty of delicious healthy and affordable food for all, friendly people, beautiful indigenous plants and rock formations, an ecstatic view of Mexican frontier - anything is possible and permitted as long as it is in accord with the universe as mother-nature intended - a transcendent alternate reality that somehow still exists in an increasingly-alienated world - more than a breath of fresh air…If it is your calling and you are willing to escape the modern world of cell phones, bars, coffee shops and the internet for just one incredible weekend, I promise you, you will not be disappointed - by the last day you’ll probably end up feeling the way I do every year: I don’t want to leave!!!..Come out and enjoy it with us this year - It will be nothing less than unforgettable no matter what happens - let’s build the new world together, bring your tribe, bring your vibe, bring your livelihood and get ready for fun, adventure, joy and mystery 24 hours a day for 3 days and 2 nights!!!!! go to top

PeaceMama: Thank you Telemagica!​!​!​.​.​Telemagica was a beautiful cosmic adventure beautiful people, lovely lovely music, good vibes, and yummy food.. The gorgous landscape provided a surreal backdrop with the desert mountains, thriving life and plants due to the lovely rain we've got this year...the sky soooo powerful....in the day blue skies and warm sun and cool brease (atleast on Sunday)...and at night...O, my goddess the stars soo clear and bright with little light pollution.......I saw saturn thru and a bad ass telescope...it looks just like the pictures in science books :) ....art and creation, creativity being done randomly thru out the festival, indivually and collectively.​.​.​yummy healthy food and the east african comida was the bomb-digity.......i danced...my spirit soared...i am now bursting with motivation and powerful postitive energy to apply in my own life and to enjoy the journey that the universe has in store for me...Thank you to all that collectivly made this event so amazing :) go to top

Pirako and Kageo from Suishou No Fune, Japan : TELEMAGICA is really a surprising festival!
Nature of Jacumba and our music fused, and new music was born in sequence.
It was GREAT!!
Thank you so much!
See you again. go to top

Kenn from Future Static : It is a pleasure and an honor to be surrounded by people who share the same passion for the arts as I do. This platform that you have given us is a blessing. We all owe you our gratitude! go to top

Wolfrobe : You have ignited the fire of cosmic intervention. It is no longer outside, outsourced and out of style. It is within us and within Telemagica's Gathering. I am completely honored to have participated in the next steps of evolving consciousness. The fact that a event in the desert can use the environment, music, and art to excel transformation in the these tremendous times is unheard of. The entire weekend is a full-blown magical vacation experience. Time disappears and only creating and inspiration thrives. Another highlight for me was meeting other amazing and passionate artists which shared their wonderful vibes and energy at the event. My Prayformance in front of the WaterSight was a great Celebration of All Creation with Water being the number one gift under the Compelling Stars! I was tuned up when I performed in The Silent Tower recalling ancient past experiences. The Pyramid gave me contentment in the moment of celebration. The land gave me clear change with the slow disintegration of my sandals. They fell apart completely by the end of the festival. The dirt, water and ants clothed me with protection. I can say no more but it was the Best Learning, Experience, Experiment for me in the Present Moment. Keep the Dream Flowing! PAZ E AMOR!
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Adrien Parker from Phaxanation : TeleMagica differs from other festivals in that the artists, curators, and all other participants have a very paramount understanding and more important, an acceptance for art, music, and the idea of coming together, meeting others, and completely flushing out ego for the sake of enjoying oneself and being open minded. I've seen no other festival or organized event that encapsulates all of these aspects, which is why the Dust Kickers and myself had such a pleasant experience. I believe anyone who gets the opportunity to experience it should do so without second thoughts! go to top