TeleMagicians are invited to attend the
@White Pyramid
11:00pm, June 9, 2012

The Galaxian ship is scheduled to take off at 11:11pm,
and arrive at the far reaches of the Unknown by Midnight,
aiming to intercept critical information for starting
the "next civilization".

The fuel will be supplied by 4 "male warriors of perception",
drumming a steady "heart beat" inside the pyramid.

Ignition will be sparked by 4 "female dancers of perception" outside of the pyramid. One dancer representing each cardinal direction.

If you wish to become a "World Builder" aboard the ship,
and assist in mapping our way through the Unknown,
bring an instrument of "sound and/or vision"
and carefully listen for your "timing"
to intercept and co-create.

It all depends on YOU,
start practicing your "Art of Timing" now.
(dropping "self importance" is crucial to "hearing new frequencies")