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chronicle # 9: September 29, 2010

The Valley of The Eagle: part 1

We had reached the highest point in the mountains. We stood in amazement at the discovery of a hidden valley. The geological formation was akin to an extinct caldera, a depression at the top of the mountain peak. The huge rock walls that encased the valley kept it completely hidden.

At the center of this hidden valley was a single mammoth boulder. At the bottom of this boulder, four shoulder wide low arched passages had been cut as doorways leading into its' center.

We crawled through. The interior was a perfectly smoothed dome, barely 5 feet high, it's four doorways aligned with the cardinal directions. This chamber was used for intended ritual.

We closed our eyes and began to Dream. I had never felt so protected. It seemed impossible for this single stone sculpture to ever move due to it's masterful tripod engineering and it's immense weight.

The wind gathered outside and the night would be arriving soon. I could hear the last call of the Ravens. Somewhere in the distance came the high pitched voice of the Golden Eagle coming home to its own nest somewhere in the high valley walls.

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