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chronicle # 8: September 22, 2010

The Red Grid

The sorcerers of ancient Mexico, had "seen" that the makeup of everything in our universe was part of a dynamic web that they named The Red Grid. The Red Grid was "seen" as an overlay of colored energy lines that appeared to float over the entire blue sky.

It was those sorcerer's Intention to "pierce" this fabric of the universe with their Dreaming Body. They would practice together to achieve an energy mass strong enough to go through the grid to access information from the mysterious area on the other side of the curtain.

Particular power spots on the landscape were used as launch pads into "seeing" and then moving through the Red Grid. On the rock wall of a special cave, an apprentice was shown a visual aid transcribing this glutenous matter. The master shaman drew the grid on the rock wall. His fingerprints were dabbed into the spaces between the red lines to demonstrate the proper passages. The apprentice was then given a special mixture of power plants to facilitate their visualization and Energy Body projection through the grid wall and into the realm of the Unknown.

It is no coincidence that this artist has framed the Red Grid inside a pyramid shape, as the traveling group of "seers", similar to the v shape flight pattern of migrating birds, pierces the grid and travels to the unknown in the most stable formation, the pyramid. In the Tolteca tradition, the optimum number of warriors required to form an energy mass for the purpose of astral travel is Sixteen. As seen in this pictograph, the two nagual leaders are the brown dabs at the apex, five warriors in the center and nine more at the base of the pyramid shaped formation completes the energy core.

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