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chronicle # 7: September 15, 2010

Winged Beings

The Artists of Antiquity were obsessed with the desire to fly. They saw the birds as closest to the heavens. Spirit flight was the transformation from earth bound existence into the abstract energy body.

We were surrounded by grinding stones and pottery shards, evidence of an extensive village from ancient times. Upon entering one of the many caves, eyes adjusted, we detected an image in "silvery" lines positioned right above one of the grinding holes on the smooth rock ceiling. They were the lines of a human form: stick figure with outstretched arms and legs. What made this pictograph unique was the addition of two circular wings. For proper viewing, we had to lie on our backs, eyes intended upward, enhancing the feeling of looking into the firmament, watching this winged being take flight across a solid stone sky.

With our activated perception, we found more depictions of Winged Beings in the surrounding rock grotto. Had this been a ritual area for the intention/meditation of abstract flight? One of the canyon walls had been repeatedly carved with various hole patterning forming the shape of long carved wings, large enough to lift a human body skyward. On the same vertical wall were carved a set of open fat wings, heart shaped to match someone leaning their back into the boulder.

As if to test our own powers of perception, the final offering left by these magnificent artists of the past, was also a manifestation of their unified power of "will". The cave area from which we had just exited was in fact a gigantic boulder that had been emphasized by years of carving into a colossal set of wings.

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