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chronicle # 6: September 9, 2010

Shadow and Light

The Southwestern landscape is divided between intense bright sun light and resulting deep dark shadows. There is very little "lukewarm" in the desert. The desert animals burrow far into the Earth and cave for safety and shade. The cactus protect their internal water with thorn armor. The balance of shadow and light consumes all those who call this desert their Home.

It took us over an hour of rock climbing to reach the ridgetop of the Jacumba Mountains.
We took shelter from the blistering heat beneath a wall of boulders that acted as protective sunscreen. The assemblage point can be dislodged when fatigue and lack of water push one's perception beyond it's habitual location. Our eyes began to "see".

A crescent shadow appeared to be moving into the solid rock wall in front of us! We jumped up.
An "eye" had been carved into the vertical rock wall, roughly 3 ft. in diameter, with the central pupil over 2 ft in depth. Each descending ridge of the iris was precisely carved to mark minute changes in the suns procession.

Had these ancient Artists intended a scientific time piece, or was this carving meant to be a meditative tool on the nature of "seeing" itself? We gazed upward into the blue sky. The dark masses and bright flecks of our internal blood stream floated across our open eyes. Everyday concerns slowly evaporated. A red grid began to form over the immensity until the lines of the universe crisscrossed in the panoramic sky.


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