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chronicle # 5: September 2, 2010


Birth passages, life and love passages, death passages, and ultimate passages into unseen worlds, are all illustrated in the rock work of this magical landscape. The Ancient Tolteca Artists emphasized the rain sculpted Yoni passages, and used these areas for puberty rites.Women's Caves were marked with womb red pigments. Those places in the mountainside that resembled vaginal formations were honored as places of power. They represented the Gateway from one world to the next.

The Circle of Life was depicted in stone circles designed on those power spots high in the mountains. A four directional rock compass was used as a midpoint stone portal connecting mother earth with father sky. Those Artists of Antiquity have left us their power circles as permanent evidence of their understanding of the sacred cycle of Birth to Life to Death.

It was late summer when we entered the Woman's Cave, hidden at the base of an old waterfall. By early winter a stream of water would be flowing down the rock crevice at the rear of the cave, wetting the dormant moss into bright green life. We would then listen to the amazingly steady beat of water drops echoing off the narrow cave walls. The beat of life. A rhythm so precise and subtle, that contemporary musicians would have to silence their internal dialogue to appreciate her masterful song as an inspiration to their own symphonic creations. If we sat still and intended long enough, we would be able to watch the green resurrection of the entire desert.

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