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chronicle # 2: August 13, 2010


The Universe is an expression of the unification of the masculine and the feminine.
Otherwise it would not exist.

Hidden beneath a stone outcropping in the Jacumba Mountains, is a mystical depiction of the
male/female principle. These simple elegant lines were painted in red and black resin hundreds of years ago by a shamanic artist for use as a meditative tool into the Seeing of the duality of the sexes.

On the right side of the rock face is painted the female symbol. It is an entrance. It has been outlined to enhance the inward passage. Nearby on the left side of the same wall, 6 ft. away and at the same height, is the painted male symbol. This painting has been shaded with darker color along its length into a contoured tube. It represents the outward nature of the male.

Eight feet in front of this rock wall is a long sculpted stone bench for meditative viewing of the paintings. The Intended Eye naturally moves back and forth between the male and female symbols, contrasting and comparing their subtle differences. This rapid engagement of the eye
and mind produce the intended third position: Stopping the Internal Dialogue in order to
enter into Silent Knowledge.

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