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chronicle # 18: November 30, 2010

The Art of The Dreaming Beds

A Dreaming Bed is a specialized carved boulder used to project the dream body into Unknown Worlds in order to collect new information and widen the Dreamer's capacity to perceive. Rock beds were chiseled and smoothed to accommodate a single dreamer in a stretched out or a curved leg fetal position. Laying inside this protective cocoon was conducive to the launch of the energy body, through proper alignment of the physical body and the energizing effect of the particular dreaming bed. Each dreaming bed was only as effective as the disciplined attention of the Seer who carved it on a natural power spot.

On the otherside a Dreamer encountered an Inorganic Ally, an entity that would act as their Guide. The black/orange Ally could be trusted to lead the Dreamer through the treacherous corridors of this foreign world. A bargain was struck with this inorganic being, an equal exchange of energy traded for services rendered. The Dreamer was given knowledge of life after death, and glided into time grooves of past and future worlds. Only parts of this dreamt information could be recapitulated when the dreamer awoke back in their rock cocoon. The dreamer would then use this information to manifest Art of the unknown, the Art of the mystic who leads human Evolution.

After the journey was complete, the Dreaming Beds were filled with water . The Dreamer emersed themselves in the rock tub as a purification, a rebirthing into the known world of the present village. The percarious nature of Dreaming involved bridging the Known world of everyday, and the Unknown worlds of the Ally.

An intended warrior balances the world of Reason with the world of Silent Knowledge. These individuals were called by many names: shamans, sorcerers, or medicine people. They discovered the original power spots, and set about manicuring dreaming beds and caves for future seekers. These lineages exist to this day, only now they are called Mystic Artists of Perception or simply Contemporary Seers.


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