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chronicle # 17: November 10, 2010


The Artists of Antiquity had to make their own tools. They shaped stone, bone, animal feathers, and any other natural material into brushes, chisels, and ceremonial tools. Scanning the ground in our mountains with an intended eye, one eventually begins to decipher the tools from the average rocks. The first signs of an ancient village site are often the half buried stone scrapers and obsidian cutters. Further investigation usually proves them "hand friendly": containing worn finger holds, or a rubbed underside stained with ancient pigment.

It was late afternoon when I noticed a bright reflection inside an upper cave. The rock entrance was fairly tight and I had to crawl into the deeper section. Placed carefully upon a simple sand altar was a quartz tool. The milky white stone was shaped with finger grooves and a beautifully curved end resembling the hook in a bird's beak. As soon as I held the tool, I "saw" its purpose in a healing ritual, a tool to be pressed into the patient's skin to activate alignment points in their energy field.

When one discovers a power object, the question arises "was the tool meant for me, or should I leave it untouched?" Before beginning any spirit walk, I pledge my Intention out loud. In this case, the white quartz tool was the answer to my beginning pledge to find "healing" through the earth.
I laid down on a warm boulder just outside the cave and pushed the quartz point into my skin at my solar plexus. Meditating on its power, I felt the core of my body resonate with an energizing current. An artist/shaman had intended that this tool be found and then used by another traveler magically connected to his pledge spoken hundreds of years ago, of "healing someone".

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