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chronicle # 16: November 7, 2010

A Fertility Site

Many rituals in the highest mountains were conducted to allow the participants closer access to the Upper World. The realm of the Upper World was the place of prayer, of intending a proper life through spirit connection.

Climbing into a high mountain overlook, we came upon the scene of one such undertaking. A large boulder at the center of a small meadow contained a carved fertitily symbol at its midsection: a vagina. This carving emphasized a natural cavity begun through rain and wind erosion and then carefully shaped by an artist into lips and birth canal. Small pebble offerings from long ago, rested in silent prayer at the top of the Vaginal Boulder. The sculpting of the vagina was no doubt done under the supervision of an Elder Female Seer. She was often the Artist herself, placing her intention deep within the stone with each blow of her stone hammer and chisel.

The initiation ceremony was lit by the full moon, or in the case of a woman who was infertile, during the new moon. The young maidens circled the Fertility Boulder and holding hands were instructed by the lead female Seer as to the nature of Life and of Death. These young women were the next generation of mothers. It would be their combined intention that their children flourish into the future.

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