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chronicle # 15: November 5, 2010

The Lower World

The world of the ancient shamans was divided between the upper and the lower worlds.

It was the obligation of these artists of the unknown to dive into the lower regions with their energy bodies. They would collect information for the rest of the tribe in areas so dark that only someone who was disciplined in the arts of of Seeing could withstand the experience.

In the high ridges of the Jacumban Mountains, we discovered an ancient grave site. The cavernous hole had never been filled with loved ones' remains, but only with years of emptiness. Next to its Western end, was a rock cairn that marked the grave site at the surface when filled.

Death was marked at another site with a beautiful carved "heart". The carver had wedged the granite heart under a huge boulder. The weight of their loss was represented by tons of rock sorrow, being held aloft by a single fragile Heart.


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