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chronicle # 14: November 3, 2010

A Group of Shamans

When the shamans of antiquity entered into the ritual space of a dedicated cave, one of their party was responsible for the rock paintings integral to their ceremony. With resin charcoal in hand, the artist executed a Magical Pass upon the cave wall. They ripped open the solid stone with a drawn jagged line that was intended as the crack between the worlds. They added a small rectangular ladder symbolic of the climb into this unknown world, a tool to help access this foreign landscape.

In this drawing they saw themselves, a goup of shamans depicted in their triangular energy bodies. As they practiced their magical passes in unison, their luminous cocoons formed into a pointed vehicle for penetrating through the solid veil separating them from infinity.

We sat in the semi darkness, letting our internal phosphenes match the swirling dust of the external environment. We let our open eyes drift out of focus, gazing meditatively at the jagged lines floating in front of the wall before us. We traveled with our own energy bodies into the silence of the temples in Teotihuacan, up the sides of the Pyramid to the Sun and the Moon, leaping from the tops into the region of surrounding patterned sky, and further, much further through the stone wall.

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