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chronicle # 13: October 27, 2010

The Spirit Temple

The most important aspect of a magical life is using Death as an Advisor. The knowing of the impending appointment with death informed every action of the Toltec sorcerers who developed rituals and ritual centers involving this final passage.

Located in a remote valley, on a low mesa, we discovered rows of piled stones assembled with an ancient intention. Each row contained 20 individual rock mounds 10' in diameter, aligned with a matching row of mounds, approximately 60 ft. away. Surprisingly, this large area was devoid of any desert flora, no cactus or other major native plants grew on this location, only low grass appeared between the piled stones.

The obvious conclusion from a traditional archeologist would be a communal grave site, however, our "seeing" revealed not only a physical burial site, but also an intended site for the afterlife. We saw "columns of energy" emanating upward from the rock foundation piles. These transperant "energy columns" connected the earth burial site to the spirit realm in the sky.

We were standing at the center of a vast cathedral with 40 columns holding up the sky canopy. This was a Spirit Temple. The community would gather in this temple to pay tribute to their dead, as well as to visualize their ascension into the spirit world.

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