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chronicle # 12: October 20, 2010

The Shamanic Classroom: Magical Passes

The Sorcerers of Antiquity developed the Art of Magical Passes, an intended and precise set of body movements, used to open the doors of perception by redeploying the energy which we lose daily through worry and fear.

Performing these movements in a natural Power Spot, the apprentices gain a boost from the Earth as they align with corridors of Earth Emanations and the very heartbeat of the planet.

Different sets of Magical Passes were designed to mash, stir, collect, and then distribute energy to the vital centers of the body. Tubes of unused or latent talents were activated in the practicioners as they passed through windows into the second attention helped by this energetic boost.

The Magical Passes were passed down for a millineum, through personal training, and privately from master to apprentice. Contemporary Seers adapted and added new sets of Magical Passes to fit the particular modality of the time.

After practicing the passes in our Power Spot, we moved with the pulse of the Earth flowing into us through pottery chard libraries and the whispered instructions on the mountain wind.

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