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chronicle # 11: October 14, 2010

The Shamanic Classroom: The Fulcrum

Designated training areas for shamanic apprentices were located in natural power spots. These ancient areas were manicured and sculpted by the master shamans to demonstrate and assist in the understanding and activation of altered perception.

The Fulcrum was a shamanic technique that used "still eye gazing" to activate peripheral vision.
Using a wide boulder, master artists carved two identical holes in the outer edge and a scooped out seat at the center of this stone bench. A person sat in the center of the boulder, and the student, who was watching at a distance of approximately 40 ft. away, was instructed to keep their eyes "still" on this seated subject. By keeping their awareness on the seated person, a peculiar effect took place at each of the outer circular holes. The holes began to rise and fall, as if the seated person were the fulcrum of a gigantic stone teeter-tooter.

This up/down motion could not be viewed directly. The side movement was only activated by holding the attention on the seated person. The shamanic apprentice was plunged into another reality. A reality where the most stationery of objects, in this case a huge boulder, was seen to pulsate and wobble with energetic movement.

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