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chronicle # 10: October 10, 2010

The Valley of The Eagle: part 2

The rising sun was just striking the highest edges of the valley walls. The deep shadows helped to emphasize a particular vertical shaft of stone, around three stories in height. Even taking hundreds of years of intense weathering into account, this monumental work was still clearly defined.

We were looking at the features of a gigantic Eagle head sculpted into the huge wall. The long vertical stone had been sanded as the spectacular beak. Two identical caves on each side where clearly the two eyes, each about 5' high by 12' wide. The natural splits in the rock wall had been used as a template for this carving. I wondered how many artists were involved in such a grand scheme. This whole valley was under the watchful eye of the Toltec symbol for Spirit, the Eagle.

In order to make the dangerous climb to reach the eyes of the Eagle, one had to have sobriety, discipline, patience, and intention. These four attributes were the mark of a Shaman warrior. Once inside the eye cave, they were rewarded with a view of the world to the far horizon. Seeing like an Eagle, the Shaman had become the "overseer" for their community, gathering distant information essential to everyone's ultimate survival both in body and in spirit.

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