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chronicle # 1: August 4, 2010

A Power Spot for Mystic Artists:

The very first artists were the cave painters. Rock walls were their permanent canvas. Throughout the year, we at the Institute of Perception, roam the Jacumba landscape as "Mystic Archeologists." We search for artifacts left hundreds of years ago by these indigenous artists, who created marks in resin paints, and used obsidian tools to carve boulders into sculptures that remained until this day.

We found "dreaming beds" in massive rocks and "cave portals" for astral projection. Certain caves were enhanced with "light piercings". These cutout areas allowed a particular band of sunlight to enter the cave at a precise moment defining space and time for intended "Dreaming".
We have reactivated those grounds as a Power Spot (a place on Earth which emanates large
amounts of energy) in order to make this ancient practice of "Dreaming" available to contemporary artists and musicians in pursuit of wider perception.

The Institute of Perception hosts TeleMagica, an annual art and music gathering in Jacumba CA, located 70 miles East of San Diego in the beautiful high desert (2,700 ft. elevation).
The surrounding mountains form a natural interior bowl, created from a prehistoric meteor that also resulted in very low specific gravity for the area. The natural landscape is a wonderland of unique rock formations scattered with desert fauna and abundant wildflowers.
The Institute of Perception grounds have been used since the dawn of time by
artistic lineages who gathered to create and share in this magical space.

In this series of weekly articles we will walk together across this Southern landscape on a journey of discovery revealing the artifacts left by the same Tolteca stone workers who designed the great Pyramids in the Valley of Mexico. Their work in the Jacumba area has been preserved and disguised by hundreds of years of rain and wind weathering.
We are honored to present their work as well as some of their practices, for the very first time, to the current lineages of Mystic/Artists of Sound and Vision. TeleMagicians who walk these grounds reactivate these places of power, and through their "Dreaming" exercises, collect the next level of information to be used to elevate the community at large.

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